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      This website introduces our new cycling guide, Biking the Maritimes. It consists of three volumes, each on a separate CD-ROM: Biking Prince Edward Island, Biking Nova Scotia, and Biking New Brunswick.  

      The book was originally destined for print publication, but we eventually decided to create a set of three CD-ROMs. At first we thought of CDs only as a way to publish economically, but we quickly became excited by the potential of cycling guides in digital form. We have been able to include hundreds of color photos and scores of maps without adding significantly to the cost. You can view the entire book on screen and then print only what is needed for a particular trip. A version without color photos is also included on each CD for economical printing. If you wish, you can print just the directions and maps, or only the maps you need and the cue sheets that accompany them.

      Creating these cycling guides was a labor of love for us. Although we are U.S. citizens, our first real home as a married couple was on Prince Edward Island, all three of our sons were born there, and the Maritimes have a special place in our hearts. Cycling again in the Maritimes for this book, enjoying the glorious scenery and seeing old friends, has been a joyful experience for us, as we hope it will be for you.


Below are the jewel case covers for each CD. Click on the jewel cases to view sample pages in .pdf format.

To Order Biking the Maritimes

      Biking PEI, Biking Nova Scotia, and Biking New Brunswick are available at $20 U.S. each or $50 for the complete set of three. Shipping and handling to the U.S. or Canada are an additional $3 for one disc, $4 for the set.

      You can purchase Biking the Maritimes discs online with a major credit card, or you can print and mail an order form with your enclosed check or money order. In either case, your discs will be sent by first class U.S. mail within 48 hours of receipt of your order. Click here to vist our order page.

      If you have questions or would like additional information, call Wally or Barbara at (802) 765-4581
or send email to


About the Authors

      Wally and Barbara Smith are the authors of Bicycling Cuba. Wally is a former teacher, newspaper and radio reporter, and has led tours for Bike Vermont for 15 years. Barbara has cycled in the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, and Canada. The Smiths lived for years in the Maritimes, on Prince Edward Island. They have also lived in Zimbabwe, Africa, and are now settled in South Strafford, Vermont.

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About the bikes: In the Maritimes and in nearly all our other trips, we ride recumbent bicycles. Those in the photo above are our latest and best, the V-Rex by Rans. If you are unfamiliar with recumbents, you should know that they give us no particular advantage other than comfort; that is, any of the rides in our guides can be done just as well on conventional bikes.

© 2007, Wallace and Barbara Smith